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An Insight Into The Luxury Real Estate Market (Residential)

by 2seasWP on May 10, 2017
An Insight Into The Luxury Real Estate Market (Residential)

Global Luxury Real Estate Market Report: Luxury Defined 2017

What is the hottest luxury real estate market in the world? What is the price point for a true luxury property around the world? How definite are the basic assumptions about luxury real estate markets? Where are the world’s greatest lifestyle second home markets?

Luxury Defined, Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate Market’s fifth annual white paper seeks to answer these questions and provide exclusive insights into the world’s greatest luxury real estate markets. By synthesizing the data of over 100 luxury real estate brokerages around the globe, Luxury Defined offers crucial observations and statistics that are invaluable for positioning Christie’s International Real Estate and its Affiliate network as the global leader in luxury real estate.

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