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Global Class Healthcare Makes Cabo Living Even Better

by 2seasWP on June 12, 2017
Global Class Healthcare Makes Cabo Living Even Better

Not all that many years ago, Los Cabos was a bit more rustic when it came to medical services and healthcare infrastructure, which made for sometimes extreme conditions for the ill-prepared. As recently as five years past, there existed only very small, privately-owned hospitals with some emergency services and as few as five or six beds, plus the national public health services mainly used by native Mexican people. These small private hospitals have catered to the large and growing expat community here, as well as visitors from the north and beyond who may find themselves in need of immediate care or stabilization before returning to their home doctors and area hospitals for further or more advanced treatment.

Global Health Care

Global Health Care – Los Cabos

Today, Los Cabos offers a number of superb care options, thanks in part to the municipality recognizing the security a good health care system offers, and the insight of companies investing in health services in here and elsewhere in the state of Baja California Sur. Some of Mexico’s finest physicians and specialists are now providing excellent care equivalent what people from USA, Canada and European countries are used to here in our tropical paradise, drawn by the desirable location, vastly updated and brand new full-service hospitals, and the ability to provide global-class care to a growing, well-heeled population. Doctors are eager to take on new patients, and have a great attitude towards newcomers and visitors alike. Most speak at least conversational English as well, removing one worrisome obstacle should you require medical or emergency assistance while enjoying your paradise home.

Moreover, you are unlikely to have to wait long for an appointment, even to see a specialist. The physicians are trained at the finest mainland Mexico medical schools to use up-to-the-minute medical technology, with many obtaining further training and advanced speciality fellowships at premier medical centers all over the world. And some even make house calls.

Most people will find the cost of care surprisingly inexpensive as compared to say that of the United States. A doctor’s office visit to one of the newest facilities may cost just 500 or 600 pesos, equal to about 25 or 30 U.S. or Canadian dollars. A few hours in an emergency room for a minor injury or illness may only set you back four or five hundred dollars (US/CDN), even when seeing several specialists.

Some northern insurances are accepted for payment, but you will need to be prepared to make payment for any services in cash or by credit card, and excellent, detailed paperwork is made available by most facilities should you want to seek reimbursement from your home health insurance provider. Some even code treatments as they are coded in your home country for simplified reimbursement.

Commensurately, lab services and prescription medications are a fraction of the cost they are back home, and many are available over-the-counter. As an example, a commonly prescribed arthritis relief medication that costs $30.00 US/CDN for 90 tables costs about 30 Pesos, or about $2.00 US/CDN for the identical product here in Cabo. Some hospitals offer a type of “loyalty” card for a small fee that can reduce medical costs even further. Concierge services for visitors who require personal specialty medical equipment such as breathing assistance or mobility are also readily available.

Your health is secure here in Los Cabos, now more than ever. A 2Seas Christie’s International Cabo Real Estate Luxury Property Specialist can further guide you, and help with any specific questions you might have about medical care here is Los Cabos.

Written by Randy Thompson |